Delta-v Roundtable on The Chief Customer Officer Playbook in Action: Driving Capital-Efficient Growth

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
1:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM MT / 10:00 AM PT

Companies are challenged to do more with less while customers are demanding more for less. How can Post-Sale leaders and Customer Success executives step in and step up to help achieve company growth goals? 

Join Rod, CEO of HelloCCO and author of The Chief Customer Officer Playbook. He's previously served as VP of Global Professional Services at Gainsight, SVP of Customer Success at Narvar, Global VP of Customer Success at Marketo, CCO at Sequoia, and Vice President of Customer Care at RingCentral. in an interactive discussion on how you can strengthen your approach to deliver predictable, repeatable results for your customers and meet the expectations of your executive team.

✅ Ideal for Customer Success Leaders and Founders

📈  Join to discuss:

  • Optimizing your current segmentation model to maximize growth and margins
  • Analyzing the cost-to-deliver and prioritizing investments
  • Identifying automation and self-service opportunities to improve productivity
  • Accurately assessing and driving down the cost of delivery (including implementation, support CS, and operational costs)
  • Segmenting customers with matching interaction models to best allocate scarce resources
  • Designing learning programs to lower implementation costs and accelerate time to value

We are happy to offer a free signed copy of Rod’s book to everyone who registers to attend the discussion. Please provide your mailing address on this form and it will be sent to you prior to the event. 

Virtual Event

Pre-read Rod's guide here:

Structuring and Scaling a Post-Sales Org

Rod Cherkas is the CEO of HelloCCO, a consulting firm that partners with Chief Customer Officers and their leaders to develop, execute and scale their post-sale functions. He previously led post-sale organizations at Gainsight, Marketo, RingCentral and Narvar. In this guide, he outlines the responsibilities and typical growth paths of post-sales functions including services, customer success, support, customer education, customer operations, and partner success.